Commercial Roofing Systems

Flat and shallow pitched roofs are renowned for the troubles they can cause. No two problems are identical but 3M have an economical, extremely versatile and high performance product to solve leaking roof problems once and for all.

Traditionally, flat and shallow pitched roofing materials are layers of felt or bituminous products which simply do not age well. Being highly sensitive to temperature changes, in a short time the roof surface will deteriorate and the covering degenerate and ultimately leak.

Traditional resurfacing materials can also present problems during the installation, especially in areas where detailing is difficult. Roof protrusions such as surface-mounted fixtures and piping etc. cannot be easily detailed and therefore make it virtually impossible to achieve a 100% watertight seal, without the added use of additional sealing products.

Each liquid roofing project is managed by an in-house construction professional project manager with at least 30 years experience. Each project will receive the added benefits of the resources provided by our main contractor parent company. We can manage each project from start to finish or simply act in sub-contractor capacity, as necessary.

The Liquid Roofing Company only employ fully trained and highly-qualified roofers who are experienced in roof damage repair and water prevention. We are also experienced in the installation of 3M’s AW system, offering maintenance free UPVC soffit, fascias, gutters and downpipes. A variety of colours are available

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have and one of our qualified surveyors will be pleased to help you.

A typical 3M Roofing System

1. Roof Substrate
2. Scotchkote™ primer (if required)
3. 1st coat of specified system
4. Scotchkote™ 225gram Premier reinforcing mat
5. Second coat of specified system
6. Finish UV top-coat of specified system