Liquid Roofing


3M are a global corporation who have built a reputation for consistently bringing to market innovative, high quality durable and technologically advanced products.

3M have produced their range of Scotchkote liquid membranes for flat roof refurbishment to give you a long-lasting guaranteed waterproofing solution. As accredited installers, you can choose a guarantee of 5, 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years.

As well as being extremely cost effective for flat roof refurbishment over the long term, being cold-applied there is no need for heat or flames on your roof which could reduce your insurance premiums.

In addition they cut down on landfill as all 3M coatings can be applied onto existing surfaces which also means that you can continue working underneath the roof refurbishment with minimal disruption.

We have installed the 3M EC UV 15/25 year system for several high profile clients including Sainsbury’s and Vodafone.

Benefits of Scotchkote Liquid Membrane include:

If you would like more information about 3M products please visit www.solutions.3m.co.uk